Saturday, January 24, 2009

Save Atlas!

I have been meaning to post about this, but never got to it before now. If you don't know me yet, you will come to learn that I am, as my husband puts it, one step away from being one of "THOSE" dog people. However, I don't think it is absurd to help someone save their beloved dog. This dog has a very treatable illness, but the treatments are costly. Please help Atlas get better!

Click Here to Help Atlas!

Text from the actual listing:

Our beautiful rescued pit bull Atlas was recently diagnosed with a transmissible venereal tumor (TVT). This type of tumor is rare in America, and the doctors think she was used as a breeder in a less developed country before she was dumped here in Los Angeles. TVT is highly responsive to chemotherapy, and Atlas has a great prognosis for full recovery. Unfortunately, each weekly chemo treatment costs $250, and we are struggling to pay for Atlas' care. If you would like to help save the life of a deserving dog, please purchase a handmade "Save Atlas" button; all proceeds will be donated directly to Atlas' medical bills. We appreciate your support!

Each button is rubber stamped with a loving pit bull face.

2 1/4

If this listing has been sold, there are plenty more available.

I'm sure someone out there is going to have opinions which are anti-pit bull. Personally, I love them. But this is not the topic. The point of this is that we can help this dog which is loved by her family to have a better life. If you ever lost a pet, please help this from happening here any sooner than necessary.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Oh my goodness she is adorable! Thank you so very much for visiting me so that now I was able to read about sweet Atlas! Going to check out that button! thanks again! em

  2. Never met a pit I haven't liked- but I've met plenty of owners (read: breeders) I wasn't fond of. Love this idea, and thank you for the wedding book tip!

  3. She is an adorable pit. Those anti-pit people don't realize that how the pit is cared for determines how it turns out, just like children. You abuse a pit, it abuses. You love and care for them, they are the most loyal, wonderful dogs you can ever meet. I love them... when we finally get our house, that will probably be the first puppy we bring home. Thanks for telling me about this wonderful baby!

  4. Thanks to your help and the help of other Etsians, we've raised enough money for all but Atlas' last chemotherapy treatment. We set up at fundraising page at Thanks again for your support!

    Molly (Atlas' mom)