Friday, February 13, 2009

Joann's at Lunch = Mistake

Please note: This post is not anti-Joann's or anything. It's just my experience for the day.

So today I decided I was going to Joann's during my lunch break, and then get food if I have a chance. There is a pretty big store near my work that I like to go to, as opposed to the tiny thing by my house. I wandered around, picked out my fabrics and headed to other cutting counter.

There is usually no one really there.


Today must have been "Get-Your-Fabric-at-Joann's-By-My-Work" day. I got in line while they were on customer 88 or 89 (I forget now). I pulled number 95. Ok. I can be patient. I liked the fabrics I picked out. Well there was one woman doing cutting, another (oblivious and clueless) woman helping someone on the phone, another woman just flitting about, and a final woman who seemed to only be handling a large piece of foam. 20 minutes later I decide I need to get back to work. They were on customer 91.

So long busy day at work. No actual lunch. But mainly, no new fabric. :/

That is my not-so-exciting story that I felt compelled to post. lol


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  2. Youth Rep was me ... but I was logged into the account I use for work - didn't want to confuse work and personal.

    But the point I was going to make was:
    what the heck is everyone doing barging in on your errands?! Don't they know who you are? or the span of your importance?
    If they don't tell them to speak to me :)

  3. Hahahaha! Right? What were they all thinking? :D

  4. Heh, heh. You must live near me because I could swear you were talking about the one by my house!

    This gave me a good chuckle.